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Common Human Resource Management Challenges

Listed below are just a few of the people related challenges that Tom Cameron & Associates tools will help you solve.

Your Competitive Edge: Information

When your business invests in an expensive piece of equipment, you receive a manual containing instructions for operating it, maintaining it, and troubleshooting when the equipment does not function as it should. But when you invest in human capital through your employees, you do not receive a similar manual. Tom Cameron & Associates fills the information gap in human resource management.

Various methods of "testing" have been used for several generations in order to make the allocation of human capital work more effectively. We provide employee assessments, not tests, to give you the information you need to know about the people who work for and with you. This is not a semantic difference, but a key difference in concept.

"Tests" are passed or failed. Tom Cameron & Associates assessments reveal the human characteristics that make each of us unique and individual. They tell you who your applicants and employees are at their core and they cannot "fail" at being who they are.

Job Matching Leads to Job Success

Every job or position has requirements that go beyond the customary job description when you seek optimum performance and productivity. As an example, jobs that require assertiveness can be performed by people who have been trained to act assertive, but the job will be consistently done better by someone who is naturally assertive. When a person's job duties conflict with their inborn characteristics, they suffer from tension and stress that can lead to organizational conflict and employee burnout.

Tom Cameron & Associates assessments are used to define intangible job requirements and help you match employees to the work they do. When people match their jobs, they perform up to and beyond your expectations. Job Match or Job Fit is the primary predictor of job success. It has greater relevance than factors such as age, experience, training, and other particulars that employers use to make human resource decisions.

When employers use Tom Cameron & Associates assessments, their organizations prosper because their people prosper.

Hire Right the First Time

Your investment in money, training, and time to fix a mistake made when hiring a person not competent for or compatible with the job is simply enormous. We focus on understanding and objectively measuring core competencies, behaviors, and interests of top performers in companies and industries to insure applicants fit the job the first time.

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Building your team and solving your human resource management challenges are fundamental to your success. Add objective measures based on your top performers and our industry expertise and you will see your performance, sales, and your bottom line grow.