Teach your teams to work together more effectively

Team development is critical for an organization's success, but helping the team leader and team members work effectively is often a challenging task.

Effective and successful teams are essential to an organization's growth, and mastering successful team development is a key to a team leader’s or manager’s success.

Identify and Train Team Leaders

If you would like to identify the best team leaders or managers for your organization check out information about our job fit technology.

A team’s success can often be hindered by inexperienced or inadequate leaders. To build a manager’s or leader’s skills and help them be successful view information about the Checkpoint 360°™ feedback system.

Build Teamwork

The Profiles Team Analysis, now included as part of the Profiles Performance Indicator™ assessment, supplies the team leader with a blueprint for team development that delivers maximum results. The Profiles Team Analysis helps team leaders get the most from every member of the team and effectively guide the way to the achievement of team goals. It does this by evaluating team balance and the team's strengths and weaknesses.

The Profiles Team Analysis alerts the leader to a team's strengths, as well as important areas where the team may be lacking characteristics necessary for growth. Armed with this data, the team leader uses the information as a guide to help the team compensate for deficiencies.

Teamwork Training Workshops

TCA provides the Developing Teamwork and Understanding training series that will help your business build strong, cohesive teams and tackle management concerns that have been haunting your business.

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Thousands of organizations across the world are using Profiles Team Analysis to promote organizational excellence and superior team development. The assessment and our training series are tangible and valuable team development tools for strengthening any work team.

View a Sample Report of the Profiles Performance Indicator™.