Professional Development & In-Service Training

We can meet your Professional Development needs with one of our five specially designed teamwork seminars. Our Teamwork Series will provide you with the tools to build cohesive teams in your school that can take you to the next level of achievement.

These workshops use Profiles International validated assessment tools to provide the valuable information about each teacher and employee needed to help each other understand and relate better professionally.

Four of the five workshops meet the standards for Federal Program Professional Development.

Benefits Include

  • Learn the personality type of each faculty member.
  • Learn how the four personality types can work together to improve teamwork.
    • Help your faculty members improve in 5 key traits.
    • Get management reports for each participant showing their key behavior traits and suggestions for improvement, plus much more.
    • Tackle difficult real-world problems during the workshop with a team based approach.

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Developing Teamwork and Understanding

Schools cannot achieve their potential unless they have built strong cohesive teams. Participants in this workshop take a fifteen minute Profiles Performance Indicator™ assessment prior to the training date. During this 2 hour and 15 minute workshop your faculty members will learn their personality type and how they relate to other personality types. They will also learn traits of their co-workers in each of five key behavior categories. This helps build greater understanding within teams. Administrators will also receive reports which will help them work with the participants more effectively in the future.

Building Stronger Teams

This outstanding in-service training workshop has been designed to be the second or third in our series of teamwork seminars.

Participants will first review personality traits discussed in the Developing Teamwork and Understanding Seminar. Team members will then learn the 12 characteristics needed in a strong team: control, social, patience, precision, ambition, positive expectancy, composure, analytical, results orientation, emotions, team player, and quality orientation.

Each team will try to determine if they have members with strengths in each area. Everyone will receive a Profiles Team Analysis™ report showing the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Team leaders will spend time working with members learning to work with these factors as described in the report.

We will then introduce real problems proposed by the management. The teams will develop solutions to these problems and present them to the group. Following all of the presentations, the groups will be allowed to meet again to perfect their solutions.

Developing Teamwork and Understanding II

The Developing Teamwork and Understanding II Workshop addresses the learning styles and behavioral traits of your faculty. Attendees will learn how to work better with other faculty members. They will each take the ProfileXT® and receive a ProfileXT® Individual Report and Coaching Report. Administrators will receive important information that will help them take the best advantage of their staff members. This 2 hour workshop will help administrators develop an even more effective staff.

Developing Teamwork Through Leadership

This workshop brings together all of the previous workshops and emphasizes the roles of team members and leaders. Teams will choose their own leaders after a team exercise. They will then choose problems to solve and their leadership will work with the administration to choose which will be solved during the workshop.

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More to Come...

We are constantly developing new training opportunities. If you have a specific need give us a call or fill out our contact form with your ideas and business concerns.